Research Services

Let us assist you in finding the data you need. We provide both in-person consultations at our office as well as online services for authorized users. Contact us through HelpSU for more information.

Research services include:

  • Online Archive Database: with listings of architectural and engineering records. Some records are available in a scanned format.
  • Physical Archive: set up like a library where our clients may conduct their own research after a brief orientation.
  • Out-of-Area Services: serving architecture and engineering firms electronically, whenever possible.
  • Research Computer: for visitors to view the indices that are available in hardcopy.
  • Online Facilities Information Management System (FIMS) and Basemap Online applications provide in-depth campus information and applications for operational and authorized users.

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Archive Services

Maps and Records hosts an archive of the University's building and infrastructure project documents. Such projects may include the original construction of a building, an interior remodel or system retrofit, roadway or utilities improvements, and landscape work. Some archive information may be accessed via our Online Archive Database (see below).

Archived documents can include:

  • Project manuals and specifications
  • Equipment operating instructions and accompanying reports
  • Stanford utilities, lands, roadway and other infrastructure documents
  • Topographic surveys
  • Aerials
  • Residential subdivision maps
  • Architectural, structural, and systems drawings for campus, shopping center, and research park buildings
  • Large format documents related to both original construction and remodels/renovations

Who May Access the Online Archive Database

This Online Archive Database is currently available to LBRE staff, and an extended set of approved Maps and Records customers.

If you find that you do not have access to search the database, please contact Maps Requests; please include your SUNet ID and your department name.

This database is not directly available to our external customers (architects, contractors, etc.) however the information from search results may be shared with them by their University project managers or sponsors on campus, and will better assist them with preparations for obtaining documents when they come to Maps and Records. Our customers may also choose to access the Online Archive Database by using the self-service computer at Maps and Records (under the "Online Research" sign) in lieu of using our hard-bound indices.