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Event Details: Disability Access Information

Main Quad front

Baccalaureate Celebration

The Baccalaureate celebration will be held on Saturday, June 11 at 10:00 AM at the Main Quadrangle.

Parking: The Oval, located at the end of Palm Drive is reserved exclusively for disabled parking. Guests displaying any state-issued or temporary disability parking permit may park in the Oval. Individuals with mobility limitations can be dropped off at the top of Oval (near Serra Mall). Benches are available nearby.

Accessible Entrance: The Main Quad is accessible via a ramp located to the right of the stairs at the front entrance on Serra Mall. Additional entrances are also accessible via Lasuen Mall and Lomita Mall.

Mobility Assistance: Beginning at 9:00AM, a golf cart shuttle service will be stationed at the top of the Oval to transport guests needing assistance into the Main Quadrangle. Golf carts will provide return service to the top of the Oval immediately following Baccalaureate. No advanced registration is required for this service.

Seating: Seating is outside and will be in direct sunlight. There are a few sections with umbrellas for guests needing shaded seating options. Wheelchair seating will be reserved in a variety of locations. Additional seats will be reserved next to wheelchair seating so families can sit together. All seating is first come, first served. 

President's Reception

The President's Reception will be held on Saturday, June 11 from 3:00-5:00 PM in the gardens of the Lou Henry Hoover House.

Parking: There is no parking at the Hoover House. A Marguerite bus shuttle service will be available to transport guests between campus and the Hoover House. Shuttles leave Tresidder Memorial Union for the President's Reception every 10 minutes between 2:50-4:30 PM. Shuttles leave the President's Reception and return to Tresidder every 10 minutes between 4:00-5:10 PM. All Marguerite bus shuttles are wheelchair accessible.

Accessible Entrance: The President's Reception is located in the gardens of the Hoover House. The garden is located at the rear of the Hoover House and is a grassy, slightly sloped terrain. A golf cart shuttle service is provided to access the front (accessible) entrance of the Hoover House for a limited tour.

Mobility Assistance: Once at the Hoover House, golf cart assistance is available for various activities, including viewing several rooms within the house. 

Seating: There is limited seating at the Reception.

Commencement Ceremony

The Commencement ceremony will be held on Sunday, June 12 at 9:30 AM at the Stanford Stadium, an outdoor venue.

Parking: The Varsity Lot (Lot 1), located via Galvez Street to Nelson Road will be reserved for guests displaying any state-issued or temporary disability parking permit. Individuals with mobility limitations can be dropped off outside Gate 2 where folding chairs and a wheelchair shuttle service will be available.

Accessible Entrance: All gate entrances to the Stadium are accessible. Once through the gate, continue through the tunnel (step-free path) to the concourse level and lower bowl sections. An elevator is located at Gate 4 and Gate 5 to access the upper bowl sections.

Mobility Assistance: A limited number of ushers with wheelchairs will be available, beginning at 8:00AM, outside Gate 2 of the Stadium to assist in escorting guests with limited mobility into the Stadium. The ushers will drop the guest off near the disability seating and return at the end of the ceremony. No advanced registration is required for this service, and the wheelchair escort service will continue throughout the entire Stadium ceremony.

Seating: The majority of seating at the Stadium will be in direct sunlight. Umbrellas will not be allowed. Some seating areas on the east and southeast sides of the Stadium will be fully or partially shaded during the Ceremony. Wheelchair seating is located at the Concourse level, Row Y, (via the tunnels) and is in full shade. Additional wheelchair seating is located in the upper bowl, Row V, (via the elevator). In order to accommodate guests using wheelchairs, or those with other disability-related needs, we request only one companion per seat. A Mobility Section, located in Row W and X in the lower section, is available for individuals who can only climb limited stairs (5-7 steps with a handrail) or who cannot sit in the sun. All seating is first come, first served.

Diploma Ceremonies

Diploma Ceremonies will be held on Sunday, June 12, typically beginning at 12:30 PM. Diploma Ceremonies are held at a variety of wheelchair-accessible venues throughout campus. Diploma Ceremony locations will be posted soon.

Please note: There is no transportation service provided from the Stanford Stadium to the Diploma Ceremonies. After the Diploma Ceremonies, there will be a limited Marguerite bus shuttle service from 2:00 – 5:00 PM to pick up visitors at stops along Serra Mall between Via Ortega and Galvez Street, and return them to the Galvez Field parking lot near the Stadium.

For those with mobility limitations, it is recommended that you drive from the Stadium to the Diploma Ceremony site to drop-off and/or park closer. For assistance locating close disabled parking or drop-off locations near the Diploma Ceremony site, please complete a Special Needs Request Form.