Experimental Station 7-2

Beamline 7-2 is a wiggler beamline dedicated for X-ray scattering and time-resolved experiments (>0.005 s). 7-2 is equipped with a customized Huber type 5021 6+2 axis diffractometer and uses PILATUS 100k and 300k area detectors (including time-resolved experiments), a Si crystal-analyzer  with point detector for high resolution studies, or a 1 mradian Soller slit with a Vortex Si drift detector. 

Supported Techniques
X-ray diffraction
X-ray reflectivity
X-ray scattering
Main Scientific Disciplines
Environmental Sciences
Materials Sciences
Beam Line Specifications


20-pole, 2-Tesla wiggler, 0.5 mrad acceptance

Energy Range Resolution ΔE/E Spot Size Flux
5000-17,000 eV <3x10-4 0.18 x 0.40mm2 <2 x 1012



M0 mirror: vertical focusing, flat bent, .6 m, Si, Rh-coated

Monochromator: LN2-cooled Si(111), ϕ = 0o & 90o, double-crystal Sagittal Focusing.


546 μm Be, 15 μm C


Detectors: Pilatus 300k and 100k may be scheduled. PMT or Vortex point detectors.

Cryocooler (60-300K) or Displex (20-300K) or Anton Paar (to 700C) heated stage may be scheduled.

Other: Shutter and variable filters to protect detectors and alleviate sample beam damage. 

Sample Environment

Ambient temperature/pressure (He) by default

Sample temperature: see above

Sample size: 2 to 15 mm typical

Data Acquisition and Analysis

SPEC, Camserver & WxDIFF for area detectors, XmapGUI for Vortex.

Beam Line Phone
650-926-5272 . On-site Users: Contact the Duty Operator at 9-926-4040
Beam Line Contact
Beam Line Engineering Notes

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