service-learning trip

An ‘Alternative’ Path to Giving Back

Several years ago, municipal law attorney Michael Estrada, '79, would never have guessed that he would be digging ditches in Appalachia with a group of UC San Diego students as part of an Alternative Breaks trip. But sometimes life takes you where you least expect it.

Academic Connections

Growing the Next Generation of Imperial Valley Scholars

In 2014, Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla traveled to Imperial County, promising that UC San Diego was committed to ensuring the university played a critical role in the region’s revival. Two years later, that promise has reaped real results with a variety of initiatives that are opening up opportunities for high school students throughout the rural county to realize their dreams of attending college.

ChemPhys patch

Engineers Take First Step Toward Flexible, Wearable, Tricoder-Like Device

Engineers at UC San Diego have developed the first flexible wearable device capable of monitoring both biochemical and electric signals in the human body. The Chem-Phys patch records electrocardiogram (EKG) heart signals and tracks levels of lactate, a biochemical that is a marker of physical effort, in real time.

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