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Digital Humanities


Bibliopedia is a tool for the discovery and analysis of humanities research, and a platform where scholarly communities can form to discuss, revise, and extend our knowledge of existing research. Bibliopedia is being used by faculty research projects at Stanford. 

Digital History at Stanford

Digital History at Stanford serves to inform faculty, researchers, undergraduate and graduate students, and the broader community about digital history projects emerging from the History Department. Items here will include workshops, digital resource guides, syllabi, courses, and information about student and faculty directed projects.

digiPrep Workshops

Stanford University Libraries' digiPrep Workshops provide the skills and information needed for effectively managing digital projects, as well as ideas and tools for getting the job done. While the content of this series was originally designed to help those individuals working on Digital Humanities projects, library staff from various other disciplines (i.e. Social Sciences, Engineering, Sciences, etc.) will be participating in these workshops as well to provide information on best practices for students wanting to learn about digital scholarship in areas other than the humanities. These same skills for effective digital scholarship are often the same ones necessary for people interested in alternate academy (Alt-Ac) careers, so if you are considering an Alt-Ac career but aren't necessarily a digital humanist or computational social scientist, this workshop is for you too!

Digital Humanities Reading Group
Digital Humanities Focal Group

The Digital Humanities Focal Group promotes faculty and graduate research in the digital humanities through lectures series, praxis workshops, curriculum, and the identification and development of digital humanities research projects, especially those eligible for grant-funding opportunities. The DHFG will sponsor a lecture series and convene regular workshops alternating between praxis and theory. The DHFG will promote digital research on underrepresented literatures and cultures to counteract the English-language dominance of much work in the field.

Networks of the DLCL

The Networks of the DLCL is a network of graphs of Stanford DLCL faculty.

Stanford Libraries Digital Humanities Support

Digital humanities specialists offer project support and electronic access to humanities texts for research and teaching.

Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities (GCDH)
Offered by the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis (CESTA), the Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities (GCDH) program allows graduate students to acquire and deepen their technical and conceptual skills, and strengthen their position in the competitive job market within and beyond the academy.
Completion of the program will result in both a Certificate, signed by the CESTA Director and the Chair of the doctoral student’s home department, and, through the program, the student will also develop a digital portfolio suitable for the job market.