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Domingue, Benjamin

Benjamin Domingue
Benjamin Domingue
Academic Title 
Assistant Professor
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Program Affiliations 
Achievement Tests
Applied Statistics in Educational Research
Educational Policy
High-stakes Testing
Higher Education
Models in the Social and Behavioral Sciences
Research Methods
School Environment
Social Networks
Statistical Issues in Educational Accountability and Large-Scale Assessment
Statistical Methods and Applications in Statistical Issues
Survey Research Methods

Ben Domingue is an assistant professor in the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University. He has two areas of active research. The first focuses on statewide standardized test scores and their uses, particularly how test scores are used in statistical models that evaluate the effectiveness of teachers and schools. On a technical level, he also is interested in the extent to which test scores and the data from which they are drawn demonstrate certain desirable properties. The second area of research focuses on the integration of genetic data into social science research. In particular, he is interested in understanding the genetic architecture of educational attainment and the way in which schools can and do moderate the association between genes and educational attainment.

PhD-University of Colorado Boulder, Education, 2012

MA-University of Texas at Austin, Mathematics, 2006

BS-University of Texas at Austin, Mathematics, 2001