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Copyright Reminder

Copyright and intellectual property issues are a part of the fabric of research and scholarly communications, and thus all Stanford faculty, students and staff need a working understanding of copyright law as it impacts their daily lives. The Copyright Reminder, which highlights common campus copyright concerns and outlines fundamental elements of US copyright law, is distributed annually to ensure that the Stanford community remains aware of those issues.

This copyright reminder is distributed annually, but is always available on the Stanford University Libraries’ website.  We strongly encourage you to read through this document each year, to refresh your memory, and perhaps notice something that you missed in past years. 

You can use the links to the left to veiw individual setions or download the PDF to read the full document. 

Notable topics in copyright and IP for 2016 include:

Members of the Stanford community who need further copyright information should feel free to contact Lauren Schoenthaler in the General Counsel’s office at