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SUDPS Deputy Profiles

"What I enjoy most about working for SUDPS is the environment — Stanford is a beautiful place, and at Stanford you can actively be a member of the community rather than just someone working in the community."


"Our Core Values and ROOTS philosophy are an important aspect of what makes us special to the community that we serve and of which we are a part."

"Our CORE/ROOTS philosophy elevates the level of professionalism, community involvement, and camaraderie at SUDPS. It really sets the tone for who we are and how we work."

"The philosophy of the department guides the decisions we make and the actions we take. It is the foundation of everything we do. Understanding the values of the department and striving to uphold those values is just as important, if not more important, than knowing and following procedures inside and out. If you understand the philosophy of the department, you will likely make good decisions when faced with new and unfamiliar situations."


"We put forth the effort to go the extra mile to take care of the community here."

"Because we're a small department, we are really in touch with the community. We are very victim supportive and give a lot more time to helping out victims."

"I like to work here for the diverse surroundings of being able to enforce the law but at the same time provide public service. Helping the community solve everyday situations has always been an interest of mine."

The Right Fit

"There's really no typical day at Stanford. One day you're working a major athletic event, another day you're assisting with a dignitary visit, and then the next you're on routine patrol."

"As a detective, I work in investigations, spending time with the DA's office, doing follow-ups of criminal investigations, conducting interviews and interrogations. We always have a stack of cases that we're working on. On any given day, we can look at any number of files, so there's never a lack of something to do. You can take cases in different directions with whatever you're working on. So there's lots of variety — we touch on everything. In addition, you have to be able to take the ball and run with it if the Chief throws something on your lap and makes it a high priority."

"Working as a deputy at Stanford is not your typical law enforcement position. There's an emphasis on self-driven ancillary projects that are more public safety oriented than strictly law enforcement."

"In investigations, we have to be ready to go out and patrol at any time, so we never lose those skills. SUDPS offers way more training than any other dept I know. Most people are surprised to hear how much training we do."

"In many work environments you're almost a number, but at SUDPS we are interested in who you are as a person."

"The work environment is very team-oriented and cooperative. Everyone checks their egos at the door."


"At SUDPS, we're constantly pushing and challenging you to try to be the best you can be and find the best fit for you."

"Everyone here works incredible hours. Sporting events are mandatory overtime. It's a constantly changing, very fluid environment; lots of last-minute requests are made of us. It's amazing how much we can accomplish given the size of our dept."

"The challenge of working for the SUDPS is dealing with the unique environment: things are constantly changing. We deal with a variety of people and show all people the respect that each person deserves as a fellow human being."


"We recognize the investment we're making in each person who comes to work with us and want them to be well educated and trained to become the best officer they can be. In this sense, once on the team with SUDPS, we spare no expense in getting each officer the training that they want if it has a relevant bearing on their job."

"Due to a strong work ethic that is constantly pushing you to achieve greater heights, you get a lot of additional specialized training on top of the same basic training that other agencies get. Not only that, but there are many opportunities to receive specialized training much earlier in your law enforcement career than is normally possible because of the demands of Stanford's unique working environment."

"Working at Stanford DPS has given me the opportunity to explore many different facets of law enforcement within a relatively short time span – areas that I might never experience working for a different agency."

"I am especially grateful for all the training the department is willing to provide to deputies to help them grow as law enforcement officers."

"SUDPS really pushes you to learn and train to become the best you can be."


"At Stanford we have a really good "esprit de corps." Everyone helps out everyone else. If someone needs a little extra help with something or getting a shift covered, there's always someone willing to help out and give of their time. This makes for a really positive work environment."

"SUDPS is very public relations and customer service oriented such that members of the community know that you care about them. We are able to take the time and put forth the effort to go the extra mile to take care of the community here."

"Working at Stanford has provided an abundance of interesting work-related situations that many officers may not see in their careers but we see on a regular basis: major college/pro sporting events and visits from heads of state from all over the world. You never know what the next day will bring."

"I like the fact that your work is not the same every day; it's always changing."

"SUDPS gives you the chance to lead here and encourages self-initiation. It's very proactive as opposed to reactive."

"The always changing environment, though definitely one of the challenges, keeps everything interesting so that there's always something new and different to do. It's not as if you're always working traffic or robbery, etc. We have the time to show the people who seek us out and see us working within the community that we care. We are also able to focus a lot of our efforts on prevention education and support which is extremely important and well-recognized by the community."

"Because we have more time to spend enriching the community at Stanford, we're also better situated to help prepare them for "the real world" after they leave Stanford so that they can become responsible and watchful members of society while staying safe."

"The reason why I like to work at SUDPS is because everyone works as a team. I find everyone is willing to give helpful advice and assist each other when needed."

"I feel fortunate to work for the Stanford Department of Public Safety because I'm given the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people who make enforcing the law fun and interesting in an engaging community."