Review of Bagit Format
Designed for transmission integrity

Ruby Lib for Bagit updated (Tom J + OSU)

Used for Fedora ingest/export

tipr/bagit on Github

Interest in Bags for Hydra? (gem)

Use cases:

Standard interchange format

Preservation system - bags as AIPs

MetaArchive uses Bags - proposed
MetaArchive-specific Bagit profile

Stanford uses Ruby-scripts for transfer to preservation system
(Oxam support)

Academic preservation trust - sync

Fedora wants to uses modified CloudSync to use Bags

ruby-bagit gem just a utility library - no interface

Hydra-bagit - useful generally?

Bag at logical level vs Object level?

Should Holey bags be allowed for large file handling?

At OSU, all bags go thru rescue.

For I/O scaling, headless Rails app

Fedora Rels file as object map included in Bag -
help in defining.

AP Trust is common-ground for these use cases.

Call for critical review of of Github gem work:

Gist for export code is here:

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