Campus Life

New policy governs UFV flying at Stanford

Under the policy, third parties from outside Stanford are prohibited from flying drones or other unmanned flying vehicles (UFVs) at Stanford. However, student hobbyist clubs will have pre-approved flight areas.

Hear the name, say it correctly

Stanford students have a tradition of welcoming first-year students on move-in day by memorizing their names and calling them out when new students arrive at their dorms. A new service uses technology to build on that tradition.

Stanford updates its student alcohol policy

The updated policy goes beyond state law requirements and applies to all undergraduate and coterminal students living in undergraduate housing. Ralph Castro, director of the Office of Alcohol Policy and Education, explains the additional prohibitions and the rationale behind them.

Stanford undergrads to lead SAVE workshops on sexuality and consent

SAVE is one of several educational initiatives designed to engage incoming students in conversations about the need for affirmative consent, the reality of sexual violence on campus and the collection of resources available to all Stanford students.