Visionary Mentor, Loving Mother

[Photo - Jane Stanford circa 1880]

Jane Stanford: Biography

Jane Elizabeth Lathrop was born August 25, 1828 in Albany, New York, to Dyer and Jane Ann Shields Lathrop. "Jennie," as her husband would call her, was raised and educated at home, as were most young women of her generation...

Jane Stanford: Timeline

Adapted from A Chronology of Stanford University and Its Founders by Karen Bartholomew, Claude Brinegar, and Roxanne Nilan (Stanford Historical Society: Stanford, CA, 2001).

[Photo - Cornerstone from Stanford Memorial Church]

Jane Stanford: Her Values and Impact

"I hope your lives will be truly earnest, not in the sense of going forth to acquire great wealth and great names; but to be conscientious workers, to be helpful to others, to send cheer and goodwill to those who need lifting up, and always follow the Golden Rule, 'to do unto others as you would have others do unto you.'" From an address prepared but not delivered for Stanford University's opening ceremony, October 1, 1891.