The Stanford Identity

Every unit at Stanford can benefit from the Stanford identity. The Stanford identity is made up of visual elements that combine to give all Stanford communication a distinct look-and-feel – from colors to photography to fonts – and capture our pioneering spirit.


Stanford uses four primary emblems as part of its visual identity: the Stanford Signature, the University Seal, the Block “S” with Tree and the plain Block “S”.  Learn more »

The Stanford Signature

The Stanford signature is the “logo” for the University. This signature replaces all older designs.  Learn more »

125th Anniversary

Two special identity marks are available for use in conjunction with the celebration of Stanford's 125th anniversary, which takes place in October 2016.Learn more »

Departmental Signatures

You can customize the Stanford signature with the name of your school, department or unit.  Learn more »


The fonts “Source Sans Pro” and “Crimson.” have been carefully selected for Stanford communications: Learn more »


Cardinal has been Stanford’s official color since the University’s earliest days. Supporting colors are drawn from our campus architecture and the California landscape. Learn more »


For royalty-free images of campus, access the Stanford All-Image Exchange (SALLIE). Learn more »


Stanford’s rich history played a central role in development of the Stanford identity. Learn more »