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“The setting, at his house and in his living room, with just a small group of students and Professor Kelman, encouraged everyone to take part. Also, the subject matter was unlike anything we normally study in law school. It wasn’t doctrinal, so it felt more like a philosophy class, and nobody worries about sounding silly or being wrong.”

Will Havemann, JD ‘13

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Clinical Education

Experience — solving real problems, serving real clients — is an essential ingredient in the training of every SLS student.

Founded in 2005, the Mills Legal Clinic is a vital part of Stanford Law’s mission to prepare every student for the challenges, responsibilities and rewards of a career as a legal professional. Providing individualized, hands-on learning opportunities, this intensive training ground shapes future lawyers of every career aspiration, whether they choose to work in a large firm, become entrepreneurs, make policy or engage in full-time public service. And because clinic is a full-time experience — an SLS distinction — you can immerse yourself without distractions.

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Working for the Community Law Clinic showed me law as a tool for social change and righting injustices, not a theoretical exercise. This really changed my world view.

-Christopher Ho, JD ’87, Senior Staff Attorney, Legal Aid Society–Employment Law Center

Stanford was an ideal place for me — a lawyer-economist interested in innovation policy — to start an academic career. Mentors at the law school challenge and help refine ideas. Cross-disciplinary study provides access to first-rate minds across the university.

C. Scott Hemphill, JD/MA '01 (PHD '10), Professor of Law, New York University School of Law

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