Social Media Guidelines

Instructions and resources for unit social media accounts.

Social Media Profile Icons

For use on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, etc.

Social media profile icons use a mix of circle and square formats. When you are creating your profile icon, it is critical to keep the key content to a minimum and put it in the center circle because that is what most visitors will see. Many users will only see your profile icon on a mobile device, so keep your icon as simple as possible.

The preferred profile icon would be a single-color block S with tree. Alternatively you can use a simple image that is representative of your unique unit and a small single-color block S with tree in the bottom left side of the circle.

While it is acceptable to use words, this is not the preferred method because many users will not see them in the circle format and when they can, text will frequently be displayed too small to be readable. If you must use words in the profile image for your social channels, please limit it to no more than 12 characters. All text should be Source Sans because serif fonts will render too small to distinguish the details of the letters.

Given the extreme economy of space, it is necessary to display as simplified a hierarchy as possible for individual unit social channels. Do not use the Stanford word mark or a department signature.

Note The block S with (green) Tree is used on official Stanford University social media accounts and should not be used for any other unit’s social media accounts to avoid confusion. Please use the Block S with Tree in one of the one-color formats instead.

Optimal Dimensions

Profile photo - 360x360px
Cover photos - 851x315px

Profile photo - 500x500px
Header - 1500x500px

Profile photo - 250x250px
Cover photo - 1080x608px

Profile photo - pulled from Google+
Channel art - 2560x1440px

Profile photo - 180x180px

Preferred Profile Photo Styles:

  1. Block S with Tree (one color) - against a transparent or solid background
  2. Relevant image with small block S with Tree (one color) on bottom left circle area
  3. Block S with tree (one color) with words underneath (For any text, bear in mind it will get cropped in the circle)

Acceptable examples:

Incorrect Applications:

- Do not use the Stanford word mark. It will not display large enough to be readable.

- Do not use the university seal. It is our most formal mark which is a mismatch in tone with the informality of social media, and it implies communication coming officially from the University

- Do not use the plain Block S. Use the Block S with Tree instead.
- Do not use the Block S with Tree (Green). We reserve this mark to be used on official University social media accounts.

- Do not put the Block S with Tree on the bottom right side of a circle profile image. For verified Twitter accounts, in some contexts this can get covered up by the "verified" sticker.

Cover Photos/Header Images/Channel Art, etc

Facebook, Google+ cover photos, Twitter header images, YouTube channel art, etc, should all be an image that represents the unique style of your department/lab/unit. Do not use a department lockup. The use of this space should be intentional. Please choose images that are relevant to your unit, appropriate for your audience, and of sufficient resolution.

Images/Media shared on Social Channels

We have developed styles for watermarking and image credits and attributing quotes for shared images on social channels. You can download and use our template.