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Ready to Sign Agreements

The Ready-to-Sign Agreements are for technologies with standard terms and conditions. For information on how to receive a license, including tangible property in some cases, please go to our Ready-to-Sign Agreements instructions page.

These discounted financial terms only apply to those who sign and return the agreement "as is" to Stanford.

These agreements are being made available in PDF format (PDF help).

Technology Type
(link to all techs of this type)
Stanford Docket Technology Title
(link to abstract)
License Type
(link to license)
Bioinformatics 97-072 GENSCAN software Non-exclusive license Yes
Cell Lines 96-139 Phi-Nx Helper-free Retrovirus Producer Lines Non-exclusive license (biological material)  
  97-079 293T Cell Line Non-exclusive license (biological material) Yes
  05-164 Cell-based assay for Wnt signaling Non-exclusive license  
  07-069 Reporter cell line for TGFbeta signaling Non-exclusive license  
Internet 97-006 Secure Remote Password Authentication Non-exclusive (unidirectional) license  
Mice for Research Multiple Transgenic Mice Non-exclusive license (biological material)  
  02-267 mSlo1 Conditional Knockout Mouse Non-exclusive license  
  08-154 Mitochondrial aldehyde dehydrogenase 2*2 (ALDH2*2) knock-in gene targeting mice Non-exclusive license  
Microarray Software 00-220 SAM: Significance Analysis of Microarrays Non-exclusive license
(to copyrights)
  99-204 and
ClusterTM, TreeViewTM, ScanAlyzeTM, XClusterTM Non-exclusive license  
Antibodies 98-059 1D6, Monoclonal Antibody Reacting with Human CD91 Non-exclusive license (biological material)  
  00-166 Anti-SUV39H1 Monoclonal Antibody Non-exclusive license (biological material)  
  06-328 BZ194 Monoclonal Antibody Specific for Mouse CMKLR1 Non-exclusive license (biological material)  
Life Sciences Research Tool 02-028 Recombinant Dicer can generate siRNAs from large dsRNAs in vitro Non-exclusive license  
  95-040 Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) Mutants


Internal Research Purposes Only

Non-exclusive license


Software 04-261 Real-Time PCR Miner License Yes