125 Wordmark

The 125 Wordmark is the primary identity mark for Stanford’s 125th anniversary.

Minimum Size

Large enough to be clearly legible

Min Size

1.5in, 150px
(not to scale)

The 125 Wordmark should always be reproduced at a size where it is clearly legible. For print, it should never appear smaller than 1.5in wide. For web and digital use, it should never be smaller than 150px wide.

Free Space

Give it enough room to breathe

Spacing for 125 Wordmark

There should always be a buffer zone surrounding the 125 Wordmark, with no type or graphics appearing in the zone. At a minimum, the space should be equal to the x-height at any given size and extended, above, below, to the left and to the right of the signature or Wordmark.


How and when to use the 125 Wordmark

The 125 Wordmark should be the primary mark used to brand things in the context of the 125th anniversary.

The 125 Wordmark should not appear in close proximity to the Stanford Wordmark.

In order to be clear that the 125 Wordmark signifies the 125th anniversary of Stanford University, the 125 Wordmark should not be used with unit, department or school branding.

The 125 Wordmark should not be used with the 125 Graphic Mark because they will compete with each other.

The 125 Wordmark is preferred for digital use.


Free Space
125 Wordmark

The primary treatment is the positive mark. It is most effective when placed on a white, or light neutral background.

Cardinal Red: #8c1515
Black: #000000
White: #ffffff

If used against a dark background, use the negative treatment and only use against darker identity colors (like cardinal red or black).

Incorrect Applications

All the visual rules that apply to the Stanford Wordmark apply to the 125 Wordmark.

The impact of any graphic identity depends on consistent use resulting in a large number of impressions over a long period of time. Any changes to the shape and color of a Wordmark reduce its impact and can, over time, defeat the entire purpose of an identity program.

Do not use with a department signature.

Do not isolate the 125 number to use with other brand elements or department signatures.

Do not use with the 125 Graphic Mark.

Do not use the negative treatment against colors outside the primary palette. (not against purple, blue etc)

Usage Exceptions

Exceptions can be made to the usage guidelines but they must be approved by University Communications.