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Removing the Enrollment Hold

All new students have an enrollment hold (ENR 31), as immigration law requires us to verify a student's initial arrival on-campus as well as their current U.S. residence address. This hold will not prevent students from accessing their assigned housing. Enrollment will open on August 1, 2016 but you must wait to enroll until you have successfully removed your hold. Students should not have any issue enrolling in desired courses once the enrollment hold is successfully removed.

Before your enrollment hold can be removed, you must enter your current SEVIS (U.S.) address in Axess, enter a 10 digit phone number (yours or your department), and attend a Maintaining Legal Status session. Bring your passport, I-94 information and your I-20 or DS-2019 to the session.

We will remove your hold within 24 hours of your attendance at the session.

Stipend and registration hold

The academic calendar states that graduate students must be enrolled full-time by Sept. 16 in order for their stipends to be issued by the first week of term. However, graduate students who enroll later for a minimum of eight units will only experience a slight delay since stipend requests are processed three times a week.

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