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Non-Disclosure Agreements

At times, a Stanford researcher and a company may want to share or receive information that they consider confidential. These disclosures can occur in the course of discussing potential research collaborations. The disclosing party may require signing an agreement that limits use and further disclosure of the confidential information.

Generally, the University does not sign these nondisclosure agreements, also known as Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs) or Proprietary Information Agreements (PIAs). Stanford has an open environment and is not set up to maintain the confidentiality of discussions between a company and a researcher. Individual researchers may sign confidentiality agreements on their own behalf but do not have authority to sign for the University or their departments.

ICO will review confidentiality agreements related to Stanford projects for compliance with University research policies and practices. ICO’s role is advisory only, and acceptance of or suggested changes to terms should not be considered personal legal advice. More information is available from the University’s Research Policy Handbook.


The NDAs below may be shared with the company and used unchanged: 

For receiving or sharing data with a company, see Data Agreements.