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Recent News

Students greeting new arrivals.
Aug 25 2016
Stanford students have a tradition of welcoming freshmen and transfers on move-in day by memorizing their names and calling them out when the new students arrive at their dorms. A new web-based pronunciation service builds on that tradition. 
Aug 22 2016
Stanford has updated the student alcohol policy to prohibit high-volume distilled liquor containers for all undergraduate and coterminal students living in undergraduate housing.
Aug 15 2016
SAVE, the Stanford Anti-Violence Educators program, is one of several educational initiatives designed to engage incoming students in conversations about the need for affirmative consent, the reality of sexual violence on campus and the collection of resources available to all Stanford students.
Video still of student teacher and young student. Credit: Kurt HIckman/Stanford News Service
Jul 20 2016
Through Cardinal Service and other programs, Stanford offers students a 21st-century approach to fulfilling Jane Stanford's hope and trust that students would use their educations to become of greater service to the public.
Kathy Campbell
May 9 2016
 Kathy Campbell, associate dean of career education and director of career communities at Stanford, recently was presented the 2016 Margaret Ann Fidler Award for Distinguished Service in Student Affairs.