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Coterminal Forms

Forms are submitted as attachments to email.
Once fully completed and signed, scan the form and attach to an email to the address noted on the form (upper right corner). You may also take a clear photo of the form with your smart phone and email the photo to the address on the form. Attachments are routed by an automated system, and the body of your message will not be read. You will receive an automated confirmation of receipt within fifteen minutes of each successful submission.

Procedures and Application Forms for Coterminal Students (pdf)

Coterm Application Fee: Students who accept an offer of admission and are matriculated into the coterminal master's program are assessed a $125 coterm application fee.

The Coterminal Degree Program permits Stanford undergraduates to study for a bachelor's and a master's degree simultaneously, in the same or different departments.

Please see the Bulletin and the Registrar's Office webpages for further information regarding eligibility requirements and the application process. Please note that some coterm programs have  other eligibility requirements in addition to the the primary requirements listed on the aforementioned webpages, so students should check with their department for details regarding their prospective coterm program application process.

Coterminal Course Transfer Form (pdf)
Coterm students can use this form to request that courses be transferred from one career to the other. Please see the Coterm Course Transfer page for more information on form deadlines and requirements.