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Student Form Email Addresses

Student forms should  be submited as attachments by email to the following addresses. These addresses are noted on the individual forms. Feel free to take a clear photo with your phone once the form has been signed and email that to the relevant address. Once you submit a form, you will receive an email confirmation that the form was received.

Form Email Address
13th Quarter Petition
Annulment of Summer Registration GR
Annulment of Summer Registration UG
Application for Exchange Program at CAL, UCSF, UCSC
Application for Graduate Residency Credit
Application for PhD minor
Coterm Course Transfer Request Form
Declaration/change to a Field of Study
Declare or Change UG Major, Minor, Honors, or Degree Program
Diploma Distribution
Diploma Name Change
Tuition Agreement for Students with Multiple Programs
Grad Quarter Petition GR
Grad Quarter Petition UG
Graduate Student and Coterm Section Change
Last Units out of Residency UG
Late App to Graduate for Advanced Degree
Late App to Graduate for Bachelor's Degree
Leave of Absence GR
Leave of Absence UG
Major-Minor/Multiple Major Course Approval
Permit to Attend for Services Only
Petition to Change Course Enrollment GR
Petition to Withdraw from a Course GR
Request to Permanently Withdraw from Degree Program (UG)
Request to PermanentlyWithdraw from Degree Program (GR)
Request for Graduate Tuition Adjustment
Request for TGR Status
Request for Transfer Credit Evaluation
Returning GR Student Request to Register
Transcript Request
Withdrawal of Application to Graduate GR
Withdrawal of Application to Graduate UG