Operation of Rented or Personally-Owned Golf Cart-Type Vehicles
by Authorized Visitors, Alumni or Contractors


I. Purpose

  • To provide authorized visitors and contractors with guidelines so that rented, personally owned or contractor-owned golf cart-type vehicles are operated in a safe manner at Stanford University in order to prevent injuries to Stanford personnel and Stanford property.
  • Authorized Visitors include: Individuals with disability-related needs attending Stanford events (e.g., at Arrillaga Sports Center), conference program personnel.
  • Contractors include: Companies who have been authorized by the University to transact business on campus using golf cart-type vehicles (e.g., delivery services, catering services, etc.)
  • These guidelines do not include directives for the personal safety of the authorized visitor (e.g., conference guests) or contractor; safety is the responsibility of the visitor and contractor. These guidelines do not supercede any requirements issued by contractors’ companies.

II. What are Golf Carts?

  • Motorized vehicles including golf carts and other 3 or 4-wheeled vehicles that are powered by electric or internal combustion motors. NOTE: Does not apply to tractors or other machinery.
  • Examples of manufacturers of golf cart-type vehicles include: Cushman, Club Car, Daihatsu, etc.

III. Authorized Use

  • Authorized Visitor Use is described as:
  • Transporting individuals with disability-related need to conference or Stanford events (e.g., athletic events, etc.).
  • Transporting equipment/supplies for conference events at Stanford University.
  • Student use of golf carts for personal transportation, other than for disability-related need, is prohibited on campus.

  • Authorized Contractor Use is described as:
  • Transporting equipment/supplies.
  • Delivering products and goods.
  • Approval for Authorized Contractor Use must be provided by Stanford University’s Director of Procurement @723-1751 prior to contractor use at Stanford University.

IV. Operation

  • General:

  • Vehicles shall not be operated in a manner that may endanger passengers or other individuals (e.g., pedestrians), or harm Stanford University property (e.g., no driving on landscaping, bumping into bollards, etc.).

  • Passenger Limit/Load Capacity:

  • Do not exceed the passenger limit and load capacity designated by the vehicle’s manufacturer.

  • Identification:

  • Golf cart-type vehicles must have a placard (temporary or fixed) identifying the conference name, responsible party, phone number, etc.
  • The placard should be placed in the vehicle placard holder or in another appropriate location readily visible from the front.

  • Approved Areas: (see attached map)

  • Golf cart-type vehicles are restricted to designated streets and paths on the Stanford University campus.

  • Prohibited Areas (on campus):
  • The following areas are off-limits to all vehicles, including golf cart-type vehicles:
    • Inner quad courtyard of the Main Quad complex.
    • All covered arcades (e.g., in Main Quad, Green Library, Old Union, etc.).
  • Golf cart-type vehicles may only be used to access these restricted areas in cases of medical need and for deliveries, if no other means for transporting the equipment/supplies is feasible.

  • Speed Limits:

  • Operators must not exceed speed limits for motorized vehicles.
  • Operators must reduce speed on walkways and in pedestrian areas. In crowded pedestrian areas, operators must park or proceed at a slow walking pace.

  • Parking:
  • Allowed only on hard covered surfaces (e.g., asphalt, concrete, brick);
  • Prohibited on soft services, including but not limited to: landscaping, unpaved surfaces, tanbark-covered areas, etc.
  • Do not block entrances to buildings, stairways, disability ramps, or main thoroughfares.
  • Do not chain vehicles to trees.

  • Recharging Electric Vehicles:

  • Electric vehicles will be recharged at location designated for such use.
  • Use of extension cords from inside buildings to vehicles is prohibited.

  • Enforcement:

  • Public Safety may cite drivers for golf cart use violations.
  • Improperly parked vehicles may be towed, "booted" or otherwise disabled by Public Safety.

V. Reporting Accidents/Injuries

  • Report all vehicle accidents to Public Safety and to Conference Program Manager.
  • Summon 9-911 if any parties are injured.

Departmental Vehicle Operator’s Agreement

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