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Stanford launches new online course: Principles and Practices of Gene Therapy

Gene therapy is rapidly becoming the top priority for R&D departments working on treatments for difficult to cure diseases. Advances in this field and successful clinical trials promise a brighter future for cancer patients, those battling HIV, and many others living with previously considered "incurable" diseases.  A new Stanford online course, Principles and Practices of Gene Therapy, offers students a fundamental overview of gene therapy and an in-depth look at important trends, research and advances in the field. Students will gain a clear understanding of how gene therapy works, how it has developed and advanced, and how much potential it has.

Available online from anywhere in the world, this course is the first elective offered in the new Stanford Genetics and Genomics certificate. Participants may enroll in a single course or earn the professional certificate by completing a total of 6 courses, 2 required and 4 electives.

Courses are taught by faculty from Stanford's Department of Genetics, a world leader in the fields of genetics, genomics and personalized medicine. Guest lecturers provide industry insight.

Other available courses in the Stanford Genetics and Genomics Certificate are: Fundamentals of Genetics: The Genetics You Need to Know  and Genomics and the Other Omics: The Comprehensive Essentials.

Upcoming course topics include:

  • agricultural biotechnology
  • cancer genomics
  • stem cells
  • personalized genomics
  • pharmacogenomics
  • synthetic biology

Acceptance into the program is ongoing and participants may apply to the Stanford Genetics and Genomics Certificate program online. Details about the online certificate program can be found at For more program information, contact Kristin Kiser Brennan at 650.223.1507, or

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Published: October 30, 2014

Source:  Stanford Center for Professional Development

For more information: 
Joyce Rice, Stanford Center for Professional Development, 650. 353.8055