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Safety & Compliance Assistance Program


EH&S Policies and Guidelines

Institutional Compliance at Stanford is the responsibility of a number of different organizations with oversight residing under the Director of Internal Audit and Institutional Compliance.

Health and Safety at Stanford - Principles, Responsibilities, and Practices

Guidance for Responding To Unannounced Regulatory Inspections of Your Facility (HTML)   (PDF version)

Health Safety Guides (AGM 25.1)

Emergency / Accident Procedures (AGM 25.2)

Identifying and Correctiong Workplace Hazards (AGM 25.3)

Health and Safety Training and Communications (AGM 25.4)

Health and Safety Performance Standards and
Discipline (AGM 25.5)

Accident and Incident Reporting (AGM 25.6)

Medical Examination (AGM 25.7)

Health and Safety Reference Guide (AGM 25.8)

Charge to the University Committee on Health and Safety (RPH 6.1)

Emergency and Hazardous Material Release Response (RPH 6.3)

Emergency and Hazardous Material Release Response for the School of Medicine (RPH 6.4)

Chemical Hygiene Plan and Chemical Hazard Communications Policy (RPH 6.6)

Radiological Hazards (RPH 6.7)

Laser Safety (RPH 6.8)

Biohazardous Agents and Recombinant DNA (RPH 6.9)

SLAC Policies on Health and Safety (RPH 6.10)


AGM - Administrative Guide Memo (Administrative Guide Home)

RPH - Research Policy Handbook (RPH Home)

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