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YouTube Creator Awards

Build your audience and be recognized for your success

YouTube Creator Awards

How does it feel to earn the Silver, Gold, or Diamond Play Button? Find out from some of YouTube’s biggest and brightest.

Diamond Play Button

Reach 10 million subscribers, and you'll be awarded the Diamond Play Button. It's the highest award there is, and shows you're one of the biggest creators on YouTube.

Gold Play Button

Land a whole 1 million subscribers, and you'll soon be hanging a big, shiny Gold Play Button on your wall for everyone to see.


Silver Play Button

Get to 100,000 subscribers, and you'll be awarded with a shimmering Silver Play Button that you can proudly show to family, friends, and fans.

The Details

Who gets awards?

A channel qualifies as soon as it passes the number of subscribers required for each award.

How do I qualify?

We currently offer awards for three channel milestones:

  • 100,000 subscribers — a framed limited-edition silver-plated play button personalized with your channel name.
  • 1 million subscribers — a framed limited-edition gold-plated play button personalized with your channel name.
  • 10 million subscribers — a limited-edition, diamond-faceted play button personalized with your channel name.

How do I request my award?

Once your channel qualifies, look out for a notification in your Creator Studio Dashboard, including your unique order code. You'll be able to enter your information and shipping address. The notification should appear in your dashboard in the month following your milestone, so sit tight!

How long will it take for my awards to arrive?

Once you provide your shipping address, the awards take 8 to 12 weeks for processing and shipping.

Are there other qualification criteria?

We know that achieving these milestones takes a ton of work, and we want to recognize channels that have legitimately earned their fan bases. To keep the playing field fair, if we find out that a channel hasn’t played by the rules, they may be disqualified from getting an award.