I didn't know if what happened to me was sexual assault, but I knew it wasn't right and I didn't want it to happen again. Callisto is the system I wanted - allowing me to stay in control, keep my options open, and protect my community.
― Jess Ladd, Founder of Callisto

How It Works


Record information about what happened securely and privately - it won’t go anywhere if you don’t want it to.


Match with others - so that you can identify repeat offenders and validate each other’s experience.


Report electronically to Stanford - so they get your full account of what happened even before you walk in the door.
It was hard to imagine coming forward in an immediately public way, but to start by chronicling what had occurred would have been a helpful and important first step.
― Anonymous, Male Survivor of Sexual Assault

Why Use Callisto

  • Saving details can help if you ever want to report.
  • Repeat perpetrators commit 90% of sexual assaults.
  • 85% of assaults are committed by an acquaintance, friend, or romantic partner.
Callisto gives you the options, information, and resources to make the decision that's right for you.
Start Saving Details