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Jun 5 2017 | Stanford News
Professors Jennifer Eberhardt and Dan Jurafsky, along with other Stanford researchers, detected racial disparities in police officers’ speech after analyzing more than 100 hours of body camera footage from Oakland Police.
Jun 5 2017 | Stanford News
The three years of research Wanda Corn conducted to produce her exhibition and book, Georgia O’Keeffe: Living Modern, was underwritten by an Andrew W. Mellon Emeritus Fellowship administered by Stanford’s Department of Art and Art History.
Jun 5 2017 | Stanford News
Classics PhD student Eunsoo Lee is trying to reconstruct the history of geometrical and mathematical diagrams by examining copies and translations of Elements, the ancient work of Greek mathematician Euclid.
Jun 2 2017 | Stanford News
Modern-day inventors — even those in the league of Steve Jobs — will have a tough time measuring up to the productivity of the Thomas Edisons of the past.
May 25 2017 | Stanford News
Ronald Alexander was best known for his attention to detail and dedication to his students. The professor emeritus of communication had a distinguished career at the National Film Board of Canada before joining the Stanford faculty in 1970.