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Persis Drell named Stanford provost

November 7, 2016
An accomplished academic leader and longtime member of the Stanford community, Drell will become the university’s chief academic officer and chief budgetary officer. She will assume the role Feb. 1.

Ensuring an inclusive and welcoming environment

September 15, 2016
As the school year begins, we must ask ourselves a critical question: What are we doing to ensure that the Stanford Engineering environment and educational experience is as inclusive and welcoming as possible to all of our students regardless of their backgrounds and identity?

Report of the Task Force on Women in Leadership

September 1, 2016
At the request of Provost Etchemendy, the Task Force on Women and Leadership developed recommendations to help improve the leadership climate on campus and move Stanford towards fully inclusive leadership. Task Force on Women in Leadership Appendices from Taskforce on Women in Leadership

We must increase diversity in the field of engineering. Here's what we're doing to make it so.

March 1, 2016
The initiatives outlined by SoE-Future will shape the school for years to come. Perhaps the most important efforts, the ones that will be hardest to execute, and the ones that will have the greatest impact in the long term, will bring about changes to our culture. And top of the list for urgent and important cultural change is to increase diversity in the discipline of engineering.