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Special Registration Statuses for Graduate & Professional Students

Matriculated graduate students are expected to register at the full-tuition rate applicable to their degree program, unless they are in the final stages of their degree programs and therefore in a special reduced tuition category. Eligible categories include Terminal Graduate Registration (TGR), Graduation Quarter, Final Registration, and Graduate Tuition Adjustment.

Students in the Law School, Graduate School of Business, or in the M.D program in the School of Medicine should consult appropriate school officers about tuition reduction eligibility.

Terminal Graduate Registration

Effective Quarters: Aut/Win/Spr/Sum
Max Enroll Units: 0-3
Deadline for submission and TGR course enrollment: Preliminary Study List Deadline of quarter TGR status is being requested
Eligibility: Graduate students may apply for TGR status finishing a thesis, project, or dissertation. To be eligible for TGR status, students must have completed the minimum residency unit requirements for all programs in 'active' or 'completed' statuses and be enrolled in the appropriate TGR course by the above deadline. Generally, PhD students must have completed at least 135 units to be eligible, Engineer students must have completed at least 90 units to be eligible, and MA/MS students must have completed at least 45 units to be eligible. For more information regarding residency requirements (including the requirements for students who are active in or have completed more than one graduate degree), students should refer to the Minimum Residency Requirements page.  PhD students should enroll in their department's TGR 802 course, whereas master's and Engineer students should enroll in their department's TGR 801 course. Detailed instructions on how to enroll in a TGR course can be found here. There is no term limit once a TGR status is approved, but students must continue to enroll in their TGR course each quarter to maintain TGR status/special tuition rateTGR students may enroll in up to 3 units of course work at this tuition rate. Within certain restrictions, TGR students may enroll in additional courses at the applicable unit rate. The additional courses cannot be applied toward degree requirements since all degree requirements must be complete in order to earn TGR status. Coterm students are only eligible for TGR status if their undergraduate careers have been closed/degree conferred. 

Graduation Quarter

Effective Quarters: Aut/Win/Spr/Sum
Max Enroll Units: 0
Deadline for submission: Preliminary Study List deadline
Eligibility: Registration is required for the term in which a student submits a dissertation or has a degree conferred. Students who meet all the following conditions are eligible to be assessed a special tuition rate for the quarter in which they are receiving a degree:

  • All course work, degree requirements, oral exams, and residency requirements for all graduate degree programs, including joint degree programs, have been completed.

  • A graduate or professional student must have enrolled or have been on an approved leave of absence in the term immediately preceding the term chosen as the graduation quarter.

  • The student has formally applied to graduate.

  • The student has only to submit the dissertation, project, or master’s thesis by the deadline for submission in the term designated as the graduation quarter. 

  • The student has filed all necessary forms regarding graduation quarter before the first day of the term chosen as graduation quarter.

Students on graduation quarter are registered at Stanford and, therefore, have the rights and privileges of registered students. Only one graduation quarter may be requested. There is a $150 tuition rate for Graduation Quarter.

Note: Coterm students are only eligible for the Graduation Quarter special registration status if they are conferring both the undergraduate and graduate degree in the same quarter. 

TGR Final Registration

Effective Quarters: Aut/Win/Spr
Max Enroll Units: 0
Deadline for submission: Prior to first day of classes
Eligibility: The TGR Final Registration status may be granted for one quarter only to a graduate student who is returning after reinstatement, working on incompletes in his or her final quarter, or registering for one final term after all requirements are completed when Graduation Quarter is not applicable. TGR requirements above apply. Doctoral students under the term-based residency policy need nine quarters of residency to qualify for TGR Final Registration Status.

Graduate Tuition Adjustment

Effective Quarters: Aut/Win/Spr
Max Enroll Units: 3-7
Deadline for submission: Preliminary Study List deadline

Eligibility: Graduate students who need only 3 to 7 remaining units to complete degree requirements or to qualify for TGR status may register for one quarter on a unit basis (3 to 7 units) to cover the deficiency. This status may be used only once during a degree program. Students covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act that have been recommended for an approved reduced course load by the Office of Accessible Education (OAE) may also request this status.