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December 2014 Newsletter

Some University IT Support Limited During Winter Closure

Stanford University suspends operations, where feasible, during the winter holiday season. Accordingly, many University IT offices will close or provide limited support during this period. Online Training Available at No Charge

University IT is excited to announce that thanks to generous funding assistance from many campus partners, the service is now available at no charge to Stanford faculty, staff, and students.

Two-Step Authentication and WebLogin Changing in December

In December, University IT will update Stanford’s Two-Step Authentication service to support more options and WebLogin will get a new look.

New Expense Request System Coming in Early 2015

Submitting and reviewing expense requests will get a lot easier in early 2015. That’s when University IT and Financial Management Services will roll out a new system to replace iOU.

Bluetooth Access Pilot

University IT is piloting the use of Bluetooth through your phone to access a building!

Splunk Log Aggregation and Analysis Tool Available in Beta

University IT uses a log aggregation and analysis tool called Splunk on hundreds of its core IT systems. Starting December, we are offering the tool to the campus.

Successful PwC Audit of University Systems

How would you like to have the IRS audit you every year? For those involved in managing the university’s administrative applications infrastructure, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) does just that.

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