Social Sciences

Cops speak less respectfully to black community members

Professors Jennifer Eberhardt and Dan Jurafsky, along with other Stanford researchers, detected racial disparities in police officers’ speech after analyzing more than 100 hours of body camera footage from Oakland Police.

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research —

Big ideas are getting harder to find

Modern-day inventors — even those in the league of Steve Jobs — will have a tough time measuring up to the productivity of the Thomas Edisons of the past.

Stanford psychologists examine how culture can guide giving

New research by Stanford psychologists analyzes cultural effects on giving. They find that people are willing to offer more money to others who display similar emotional expressions and that those expressions are even more powerful factors than race or sex.

Worldview Stanford —

Russia’s cyber meddling

In this Raw Data podcast, Stanford experts examine cybersecurity challenges through Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.

Iranian Studies program’s first decade

Students explore the history of Islam and other religions in Iran, dissect modern politics,  learn Persian and discover the country’s contemporary cultural movements and film scene.

Studying more strategically equals improved exam scores

Postdoctoral scholar Patricia Chen is lead author of a study that found that college students employing a strategic approach to the use of study resources improved their exam scores by an average of one-third of a letter grade.