Student Organizations


Stanford students possess the ability to engage in multiple interests. The approximately 600 student organizations found on campus enrich the social, cultural and educational experiences of Stanford students, influence the larger University community and enhance the overall diversity found at Stanford. See the Student Organizations List for examples of these diverse opportunities.

In general, the approximately 600 clubs and organizations at Stanford span the following areas:

  • Athletic/Recreational
  • Careers/Pre-professional
  • Community Service
  • Ethnic/Cultural
  • Fraternities/Sororities
  • Health/Counseling
  • Media/Publications
  • Music/Dance/Creative Arts
  • Political/Social Awareness
  • Religious/Philosophical

Our list of clubs and organizations is always growing; Stanford students are welcome to found their own club to meet their interests should one not already be available.

Popular Areas

Here are a few popular areas where Stanford students make an impact:

Community and Public Service

Through the university-wide Cardinal Service initiative, students can make service a distinctive feature of their Stanford education. Through more than 450 Cardinal Quarter fellowships and internships; more than 130 Cardinal Courses, community-engaged learning courses across more than 30 departments; signature Stanford programs and more than 100 student-led service organizations to make a sustained Cardinal Commitment, and high-impact advising and events to explore Cardinal Careers in the public interest, a Stanford education prepares students to be leaders and innovators adept at creating positive change across sectors.

Student Government

Another way Stanford students engage in their community is through the Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU). By representing all students on campus issues and funding student organizations, the ASSU serves as a forum for the expression of student opinion. There are many ways for students to become actively involved on councils, committees and panels that offer interaction with professors, administrative faculty and staff. The ASSU also brings prominent speakers to campus through its "Speakers Bureau," holds concerts, sponsors community service projects and offers free legal assistance. It has even lobbied state and national legislatures on student issues.

Student Publications

Stanford students have many opportunities to express their opinions and overall creativity through the numerous types of publications available on "The Farm", including journalistic, academic, creative, political and humor magazines. These include The Stanford Daily , Stanford's student newspaper, The Dualist, and an undergraduate journal of philosophy.

Greek Life: Fraternities and Sororities

Stanford has 30 Greek organizations, including multiple chapters in the African American Fraternal and Sororal Association and six chapters belonging to the Multicultural Greek Council. About 25 percent of Stanford students choose to join a fraternity or sorority, and nine of the chapters are housed. Greeks host campus-wide events like the 5K/10K Theta Breakers Run for the Children, the Sigma Nu Arts and Poetry Slam (SNAPS) and Snowchella, a benefit concert for Support for International Change. Community is formed through a variety of events such as step shows, karaoke nights, community service, barbeques and discussion groups.

Student Organizations List

Our students drive approximately 600 student groups and organizations on campus. Here is a taste of the diversity of opportunity on our campus:

Asian American Activities Center

Bechtel International Center

Black Community Services Center

El Centro Chicano y Latino

LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender)
Community Resources Center

Native American Cultural Center

Office of Accessible Education

Office for Religious Life

Women's Community Center

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