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Sexual Assault Support and Resources at Stanford

Getting help if you have been sexually assaulted

If you have experienced any form of sexual or relationship violence, we are here to support you. Confidential counseling, emergency response and medical support are available to assist you, 24 hours a day. You can choose the resources you're most comfortable contacting. You are not alone -- there are people who can help you. Read more

How to report a sexual assault

If you have experienced any form of sexual or relationship violence, Stanford encourages you to make a report both to the University and to local law enforcement. If you need help understanding your options, that help is available, too. Read more

Stanford's sexual assault policies

Stanford has clear policies prohibiting sexual harassment, sexual assault, relationship violence (including domestic and dating violence), sexual misconduct and stalking. Know these policies so you can play a personal role in preventing sexual assault and misconduct at Stanford. Read more

Sexual respect at Stanford

Members of the Stanford community have the right to live, work and study in a safe and healthy environment. The University is continually working to strengthen its programs and welcomes input. Read more

Provide Feedback

The Provost has an advisory committee to review the pilot Student Title IX Process. If you have concerns about the process that you would like to share, please provide feedback to the advisory committee, chaired by law professor Pam Karlan.

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