• What is eCorner?

    We are a media platform with one purpose: To share useful and engaging content to help you develop an entrepreneurial mindset. We continue to do this by offering free content from STVP and Stanford University that shares the diverse insights and perspectives of our Stanford Engineering faculty, community members, and leading entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world.

  • Who produces and manages eCorner?

    eCorner is produced by STVP, the entrepreneurship center in Stanford's School of Engineering. STVP, the Stanford Technology Ventures Program, delivers courses and extracurricular programs to Stanford students, creates scholarly research on high-impact technology ventures, and produces a large and growing collection of online content and experiences (including eCorner) for people around the world.

  • What media content is available on eCorner?

    We currently offer videos (full talks and highlight clips), podcasts and articles. We are considering offering different types of content and learning tools in the future. All content is owned by Stanford University.

  • Why should I register for an eCorner account?

    We are a learning platform, so the primary registration benefit is the ability to save your favorite media and to create playlists that you can refer back to in the future and/or share with the world.

  • Is eCorner content available for use under a Creative Commons license?

    The vast majority of our content is available under a Creative Commons, Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives license. Content that is not available under this license will be marked as such on the site.

  • Can I publish other content or links on eCorner?

    At this time, the only content and resources we are featuring must have been by created by, or have some affiliation to, STVP and/or Stanford University. Contact Matt Harvey, STVP's executive director, if you have questions about this.

  • Who do I contact if I have feedback or a question about eCorner?

    For site recommendations or questions, contact Danielle Steussy.

    For technical issues or questions, contact Sarah Khan.

    For content recommendations or questions, contact Mike Peña.

    For questions related to sponsorship, licensing, or other matters, contact Matt Harvey.