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The Rev. Professor Jane Shaw

Photo of The Rev. Professor Jane Shaw, Dean for Religious Life at Stanford
Dean for Religious Life and Professor of Religious Studies
Memorial Church Round Room
(650) 723-1762

Rabbi Patricia Karlin-Neumann

Photo of Rabbi Patricia Karlin-Neumann
Senior Associate Dean for Religious Life
The CIRCLE, Old Union, 3rd Floor, Room 318
(650) 725-0010

The Rev. Joanne Sanders

Photo of the Rev. Joanne Sanders
Associate Dean for Religious Life
CIRCLE, Old Union, 3rd floor, Room 317
(530) 725-0090

Dr. Robert Huw Morgan

Picture of Robert Huw Morgan, University Organist and Director of the Memorial Church Choir
University Organist and Memorial Church Choir Director
Memorial Church Round Room
(530) 725-0530

Carol Velazquez

Administration Manager
Memorial Church Round Room
(650) 725-7366

Michael Slack

Operations Coordinator
Memorial Church Round Room
(650) 724-9349

Diane Abundabar

Rathbun Program Manager
Memorial Church Round Room
(650) 724-7174

Vanessa Gomez Brake

Event Specialist
Memorial Church Round Room
(650) 725-0531