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Report My Assault to Stanford 

Stanford students now have two options for reporting incidents of sexual or relationship violence to Stanford.  They can use a new tool called Callisto if they are not yet sure how they want to proceed. Callisto is a third-party online platform that allows you to document your experience with unwanted sexual conduct or relationship violence, time-stamp it in a secure web environment, and choose whether and when to submit it to the university as a formal report. The website is

Students who have decided that they want to submit a formal report and all faculty and employees who are mandated reporters of incidents of sexual violence and harassment should contact Catherine Glaze, Title IX Coordinator at or (650) 497-4955.

Reports emailed to the Title IX Office should include the following information if known (and don’t worry if you don’t have all of this information as is often the case):

  • Your name
  • Name of accused student
  • Approximate date and time that assault occurred
  • Where assault occurred
  • What happened (or what you think happened if you were asleep or incapacitated)
  • Whether you are asking for immediate help from the Title IX Office such as:
    • A no contact order
    • Housing accommodations
    • Academic accommodations