A Culture of Wellness

Your wellness journey is unique, and ultimately only you can decide which path to go down. But you don’t have to go alone. BeWell is here to guide and empower the Stanford community to live healthy lifestyles and create a vibrant culture of wellness. Together with our campus partners, BeWell offers services and programs that educate, empower, and inspire the pursuit of well-being — no matter your age, health status or goals. So let’s journey together toward a higher quality of life.

As we celebrate our 10th year, we’re proud to say that two-thirds of employees rate BeWell as one of Stanford’s top benefits; and 90% credit BeWell for encouraging their current healthy habits.

In 2017, depending on participation level, benefits-eligible Stanford University employees can earn up to $580 in a taxable incentive and their spouse or registered domestic partner can earn a $240 taxable incentive. In addition to monetary incentives, BeWell participants also receive discounted fitness classes, access to free Stanford athletic events, workshops, personal training sessions and additional perks!


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The program begins with the SHALA or Healthy Work Environment.
Once you complete your SHALA, you can proceed to the Wellness Profile and/or Berries.


The Stanford Health and Lifestyle Assessment (SHALA) is an online health risk assessment designed to help you understand the impact of your current lifestyle on your overall health.


Healthy Work Environment (HWE)

The Healthy Work Environment (HWE) program provides customized support and guidance to departments, labs, and work groups who wish to promote a healthy workplace.


Wellness Profile

The Wellness Profile is composed of four parts:

Screening   Advising   Plan   Engagement



Berries are health related activities that help employees put their wellness goals into action. Start by reviewing your options or visit our Berry Calendar.



Your Coaches

  • Marlon John

    • First time dad
    • Childhood nickname was “Eat”
    • Enjoys public speaking
  • Sarah Meyer Tapia

    • Mom of a first-grader
    • Relentless struggling swimmer
    • Moonlight hummus maker
  • Rosalyne Tu

    • Novice gardener
    • Mother of a baby who does not sleep through the night
    • Seeks harmony in life


Make time for wellness

Finding time for wellness can be challenging. BeWell makes it easier.

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Health questions?

Stanford health librarians vet medical information and offer customized answers to your medical questions.

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Learn about the exercise facilities available around campus.

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