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  1. Sep 8

    Drink up. Chronic dehydration has been linked with an increased risk of diabetes.

  2. Sep 7

    Stanford study finds link between vision loss and dementia.

  3. Sep 7

    Therapy on your mobile device? New app helps people manage depression, anxiety and mood.

  4. Sep 6

    Another good reason to control your stress? It’s good for your brain health.

  5. Sep 6

    Slow and steady wins the race in achieving weight loss.

  6. Sep 5

    Managing diabetes can be as exhausting emotionally as it is physically. How to know when it’s time to get help >>

  7. Sep 4

    New version of Google Glass used to train doctors, help blind navigate and coach autistic children to interact more.

  8. Sep 1

    Genetic counselors help patients decode their risk for inherited cancers.

  9. Aug 31

    When you give a mouse a stem cell, he doesn’t act like a human.

  10. Aug 31

    Mice are not perfect lab partners for stem cell research.

  11. Aug 31

    Stanford Medicine magazine reports on new strategies to protect and restore vision.

  12. Aug 30

    Many Americans still underestimate the risk of smoking.

  13. Aug 29

    A five percent drop in measles vaccine rates would triple the number of cases in children.

  14. Aug 29

    A small drop in vaccine rates for measles would have a big impact on infection rates in children.

  15. Aug 28

    Genome “cloaking” enhances patient privacy.

  16. Aug 28

    Break the opioid prescription crutch. Acupuncture & electrotherapy offer pain relief post knee-replacement surgery.

  17. Aug 25

    Spending time by the ocean is good for your mind and body.

  18. Aug 25

    Sleep experts agree: Later school start times improve students’ health and performance.

  19. Aug 24

    Friends with benefits. Having friends at work makes you happier, healthier and more productive.

  20. Aug 24

    What is driving Americans to drink more?

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