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"On his first day in office, President Obama signed the Memorandum on Transparency and Open Government and made clear his commitment to “creating an unprecedented level of openness in government.” The President laid out the three core values that would promote efficiency and effectiveness in government:  transparency, participation, and collaboration.

"With our tradition of science and research, the Department of Energy has long seen the benefits of providing access to information and encouraging collaboration. Over the past few years, we’ve made great strides in harnessing new technologies and tools to advance these goals.

"I encourage you to go to to learn more about what we’re doing to build a more efficient, effective and engaged Department of Energy."

-Secretary Ernest Moniz

Read the Department's Open Government Plan 4.0 to learn more about what we're doing to advance open government.

Public Access Plan

Customer Service

Find out what we're doing to better serve our diverse range of internal and external customers.

Read the Customer Service Plan

Plain Language

Learn about the Department of Energy's commitment to utilizing plain language.

Web Improvement Strategy

Learn about our plan to improve digital communications while eliminating wasteful spending.

Download the Plan

Federal Digital Strategy

Evaluating Our Progress

Read our Open Government Self-Evaluation for a comprehensive overview of where the Department of Energy stands in its efforts to meet the goals set forth by the Open Government Directive.

To review the progress of agencies across government, visit the Open Government Dashboard.

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