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    Sep 5

    Ever wonder what life is like at the GSB? We gave 5 MBA students cameras – here's what they captured.

  2. Trump’s proposed corporate tax plan would go a long way in eliminating the need for elaborate tax avoidance methods

  3. This is what influences a VC’s investment decisions more than product or technology.

  4. You would think by now Americans would understand the risks of smoking. They don’t.

  5. Sep 9

    It’s more difficult to accurately gauge users’ preference for online privacy than you might think.

  6. Sep 9

    A new Stanford study can help hospitals better estimate their emergency room wait times.

  7. Sep 9

    And is it necessarily a bad thing?

  8. Sep 8

    Dominance by one team member can cause friction and professor Lindred Greer has a possible solution.

  9. Sep 8

    The fear of loss is a bigger motivator than the joy of gain. New research by professor Zakary Tormala explains why.

  10. Sep 7

    What does the future of work/life balance look like?

  11. Sep 7

    Hierarchical team members could feel a need to fend for themselves, likely at the cost of others.

  12. Sep 7

    A Stanford lecturer takes a deep look into this unprecedented situation.

  13. Sep 6

    We stand with President Tessier-Lavigne and the broader Stanford community in support of the DREAMers.

  14. Sep 5

    Understanding your feelings of ambivalence and where they come from can make you more confident in your decisions.

  15. Sep 5

    In highly competitive markets, egalitarian teams that encourage employee cooperation lead to better outcomes.

  16. Sep 4

    You might assume Americans understand the risks of cigarettes. A new Stanford study says they don’t.

  17. Sep 4

    Our faculty share their favorite books, articles, videos, and podcasts on intelligence:

  18. Sep 4

    An economics professor explains how to achieve balance in your work and your life.

  19. Sep 3

    What does the future of elder care look like?

  20. Sep 3

    Americans understand that smoking is harmful to their health, but they actually underestimate the risk.

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