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Photo of Shalini Bhutani

Shalini Bhutani

Assistant Vice Provost and Executive Director
Phone: 650-736-9511
Photo of Vicky Billimoria

Vicky Billimoria

Business Analyst, Web Manager
Phone: 650-723-0377
Photo of Wendy Cardamone

Wendy Cardamone

Finance and Facilities Manager
Phone: 650-725-0887

Priya Chandraker

Program Manager
Phone: 650-724-8166
photo of Mary Cheung

Miok Cheung

Assistant Advisor
Phone: 650-497-5475
photo of Hannah Cho

Hannah Cho

SEVIS Manager
Phone: 650-725-0885
Photo of Yoanna Federici

Yoanna Gerwel Federici

Scholar Advisor (J VISA)
Phone: 650-498-9068
Photo of Elsa Gontrum

Elsa Gontrum

Associate Dean and Associate Director
Phone: 650-725-5053

Ragna Kaehler

Program Coordinator for International Spouses, Partners & Families

Hyesoo Kim

Scholar Assistant
Phone: 650-736-1416

Lynn Kroner

Senior Scholar Advisor (H & TN VISA)
Phone: 650-725-7400; 650-725-0890

Mary Louton

Senior Student Advisor
Phone: 650-497-3757
Photo of Lee Madden

Lee Madden

Assistant Dean and Assistant Director (Permanent Residency & O VISA)
Phone: 650-725-7400; 650-725-0888
Mario Mihelcic

Mario Mihelcic

Student Advisor
Phone: (650) 723-7150
Photo of Diane Murk

Diane Murk

Assistant Dean and ORC Manager
Phone: 650-723-0856

Santiago Nocera

Administrative Associate
Photo of John Pearson

John Pearson

Director Emeritus
Phone: 650-725-0889
picture of Junko Pierry

Junko Pierry

Senior Student Advisor
Phone: 650-725-9553
Photo of Kathy Shek

Kathy Shek

Senior Scholar Advisor (H & J VISA)
Phone: 650-723-1833

Sean Stafford

Assistant Advisor and Building Coordinator
Phone: 650-723-1271
Photo of Rolando Villalobos

Rolando Villalobos

Assistant Dean and Assistant Director
Phone: 650-723-1832