Connecting to e-resources

Connect from off campus

Our license agreements for electronic resources restrict off-campus access to current Stanford faculty, staff, students, and approved affiliates only. If you are off campus (or not using the Stanford network), you must identify yourself as a Stanford user by using a link that includes a special EZproxy prefix. Use one of the shortcut options below to create a proxy URL:

Option A: EZproxy Bookmarklet

Drag-and-drop method (for desktops and laptops):

  1. Make sure the bookmark toolbar is enabled.
  2. Drag the link below onto your browser's bookmarks toolbar:

    Upward pointing arrow  Stanford Libraries Proxy

  3. Next time you can’t access an e-resource while off‐campus, click on the bookmarklet.

Manual method (for desktops, laptops, and mobile devices):

  1. Create a bookmark for this page (or any webpage).
  2. Change the name of the bookmark to “EZproxy.”
  3. Change the bookmark’s URL to:

    NOTE: If you have disabled javascript, you will need to enable it.

  4. Next time you can’t access an e-resource while off‐campus, click on the bookmarklet to reload your page with EZproxy.

Option B: LibX (for Chrome and Firefox)

  1. Go to LibX.
  2. Select the "Stanford Libraries LibX Edition" (or click on “Search for an edition for my community” and search for Stanford) and install.
  3. The LibX icon will install into your browser, near the URL field.
  4. You can use LibX in two ways:
    • click on the LibX icon in the browser, select "Proxies" on the left, and click on "Reload page with this proxy."
    • right-click on any link on a page and choose the option "Follow link via EZProxy."

Option C: Manual

Manually add the following prefix to the URL:

For example, in order to have full-text access to Nature, your browser must use this web address:

Troubleshooting access problems

If you are unable to connect to an electronic resource, try the following: