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    23 hours ago

    Buried lede: Tesla limits your car's range with software unless you pay them more.

  2. Sep 10

    MIT's misuse of online student survey data led to the destruction of a much-needed creative & counter-culture home:

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    Sep 8

    You can reach anywhere in the world w/ online ads, but without the regulations of TV, says

  4. Sep 8

    China outlaws ICOs, election agencies' money woes, Equifax has SSN spill, House passes self-driving bill. Cyber news

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    Sep 7

    Phishing drills, Silicon Valley hires, emails in the cloud, Perez on Signal. The DNC tries to avoid another 2016:

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    Sep 7
  7. Sep 5

    This week's episode of "the age of the algorithm", shows why cybersecurity is a societal problem, touching on research by

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    Sep 5

    Impactful job of the day: Cybersecurity Public Policy Mgr @ FB New position, huge opportunity to shape this area.

  9. Sep 1

    Pacemakers need a patch, ML can't make a match, Kenya rejects its election, FCC's API had no protection. Cyber news.

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    Aug 30
  11. Retweeted
    Aug 30

    Think tank scholar says something that upsets Google. Google chairman frowns. She and her whole team gets fired.

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    Aug 29
    Replying to

    If you think about it, it’s only a matter of time before cyber-insurers know more than InfoSec what security products are truly effective.

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    Aug 29

    Coming soon: A joint cybersecurity forum w/ . Tentative agenda & registration:

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    Aug 29

    APA & ACM: Technology, Mind, Society conference. speakers: Breazel, Cassell, Pentland, Horvitz. submit til Oct 20 -

  15. Retweeted

    Estonia is looking into starting its own national cryptocurrency via

  16. Aug 25

    NKorean DDoS bots, & AI work needs human thoughts. Is GOOGL a monopoly? Could US ships be hacked at sea? Cyber news:

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    Aug 23

    ambitious efforts trying to reinvent crowd work by designing platforms collaboratively w workers

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    Aug 24

    Co-led with Prof. ! Not my solo faculty credit :)

  19. Retweeted
    Aug 24

    Online work is on the rise, and 's sees a world in which organizations exist purely online

  20. Retweeted
    Aug 23

    .'s developed a way to protect the privacy of our genes.

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