Stanford political scientist John Lewis dies at 86

Stanford political scientist John W. Lewis was a pioneer in establishing some of the first university programs in contemporary Asian politics in the United States, while also advocating peaceful resolutions to international conflicts.

Extreme droughts projected to increase in Jordan

Jordan is among the world’s most water-poor nations, and a new, comprehensive analysis of regional drought and land-use changes in upstream Syria suggests the conditions could get significantly worse.

Stanford Athletics —

Not your average road trip

When Stanford kicks off the 2017 football season against Rice at Allianz Stadium in Sydney, Australia, few will know how much work behind the scenes went into making the game a reality.

Stanford scholar examines international institutions

Rising nations such as China and India are seeking to play a greater role in the world’s most influential international organizations. How these organizations accommodate rising powers is at the heart of Stanford Professor Phillip Lipscy’s new book.

Iranian Studies program’s first decade

Students explore the history of Islam and other religions in Iran, dissect modern politics,  learn Persian and discover the country’s contemporary cultural movements and film scene.