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Staff Groups & Email Lists

Connect with other Stanford employees through affinity groups and email lists that focus on a variety of topics.

You'll find email communities to be great channels for sharing and exchanging information and knowledge about all aspects of work, life and family.

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Staff Groups

Join affinity groups at Stanford and you'll find colleagues who share and support your professional, personal, cultural and social interests and passions.

Note: Staff Groups are owned and maintained by the Diversity and Access Office.

Stanford Staffers

Stanford Staffers is a partnership of people within the Stanford community. This cross-section of employees and retirees exists to network, connect, learn and to meaningfully contribute to the larger Stanford University community.

Communities of Practice

Directory of the Stanford's collaborative communities and communities of practice that you can utilize to expand your and Stanford's capabilities.

Voice & Influence Circles

Small peer groups of women that meet regularly to learn and share together.

Over the Rainbow

A list for alternative families—including adoptive, LBGT and multiracial families—to share information and resources.

Target audience: Stanford staff, students and postdocs, along with their spouses and partners.

Stanford Staffers Village

A list for staff members to post personal information and questions unrelated to work at Stanford, such as items for sale, vacation rentals, and available housing, as well as vendor recommendations (e.g., doctors, lawyers, contractors, etc.).


A list for Stanford-affiliated parents to post and receive information on childcare, parenting tips, items for sale, play groups, family outings and university events.

Target audience: Stanford-affiliated parents, including staff, students and postdocs, along with their spouses and partners.


A list for seniors and caregivers to post and receive information related to eldercare resources, caregiving advice, work-life and other related campus events, affordable senior care assistance equipment and Family Caregivers’ Group meetings.

Target audience: Stanford staff, retirees, students and postdocs, along with their spouses and partners