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The Project, since 2006, is a partnership between Stanford, WWF, TNC & UMN, making it easier to account for the value of nature in decisions.

Stanford, CA
Joined January 2012


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    10 hours ago

    Need to be part of your practice? Train with and in Nov—useful & fun!

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    11 hours ago
  3. 12 hours ago

    Can prairies reduce flood risk as Houston rebuilds post ? perspective from archive:

  4. Sep 7

    "...results suggest that the InVEST model can provide valuable information on nutrient fluxes to decision makers...."

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    Sep 6

    This is a great development - so proud of my friend Gretchen & so glad we are her partners!

  6. Sep 5

    Floods forced the Chinese government and the public to really start paying attention to ecological conservation.

  7. Sep 5

    Everyone agrees repairing and replacing infrastructure is an urgent need.

  8. Aug 31

    What role do habitats play in buffering storms & flooding? lead scientist weighs in on recent study

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    Aug 31
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    Aug 22

    Sept 30 special issue deadline! Submit your paper on !

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    Aug 22

    Does valuing nature really lead to better stewardship policies? questions Emily McKenzie

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    Aug 23
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    Aug 21

    “What everybody hopes is that the awakening China’s experiencing now... continues,” - Gretchen Daily

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    Aug 21

    Emily McKenzie on the amazingly rich scenarios being developed around the world by .

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    Aug 14

    Predicting dry-season flows under & land-use change w/ monthly rainfall-runoff model—Perrine Hamel et al

  16. Aug 14

    Our collaboration with Belize on their coastal zone management plan is featured in new research and in this story from

  17. Aug 14

    Training Lead Henry Borrebach shares more about our Tradeoff! game in a recent interview--check it out!

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    Aug 6
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    Aug 6

    En route to join colleagues + friends in for . Hi soon and .

  20. Aug 4

    The key to successful waterfunds? Former NatCapper talks abt local involvement & the power of listening

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