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  2. 13 hours ago

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  3. 6 hours ago

    above the Golden Gate Bridge, 9/11/17.

  4. 11 hours ago

    Holy moley! in Crazy weather out of nowhere! Has jarred the atmosphere?

  5. 10 hours ago
  6. 10 hours ago

    Thunder & lightning in San Francisco - that doesn't happen often around here. Feels like I'm in MN again.

  7. 8 hours ago

    It's been years since we have seen a summer storm like this

  8. First of the year in . As always, supported our team in that terrifying moment of existential fear & panic

  9. Sep 3

    If its been on your heart to save a life here's a great opportunity! Harvey animals are coming to shelters:

  10. Great photo, although not really a surprise (had been forecast for days!).

  11. Sep 7

    Cats & dogs airlifted from to safety in the to be put up for adoption. This is Suzy!

  12. 11 hours ago

    Is that thunder I'm hearing?

  13. 11 hours ago

    Viewer Photos: Lightning and stormy weather across the

  14. Sep 8
  15. As of 10 PM we have detected around 1000 cloud-to-ground lightning strikes in the entire Bay Area Region.

  16. 7 hours ago
  17. Sep 6
  18. Rare, memorable event tonight, but even crazier? It could happen again tomorrow night!

  19. Sep 2
  20. Thanks to viewers for these great pics! MORE PHOTOS:

  21. 2 minutes ago

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