Request for Authority: Visa Transactions in Workflow

Use this form to request access to the J-1 or Temporary Employment Visa modules, or both.
—For authority in the J-1 module, indicate whether you need Request Authority, Approver Authority, or both.
—For authority in the Temporary Employment Visa module (H-1B, E-3, TN and O), use the fields below to indicate departments for which you will initiate Workflow transactions.
NOTE: The system bars temporary, student and contingent employees from authority in either of these modules! Please make certain you are eligible before requesting authority.

* indicates required fields.

Your Name as in the Stanford Directory *

Temporary Employment Visa Transactions: List Departments Here

Each Stanford department is represented in the organizational hierarchy by a code—for example, the Bechtel International Center code is HBWE
List the four letter department code for each department, lab or unit for which you will request visas in the Temporary Employment Visa module.
If you're unsure of the correct organizational code, please see the org code list at Axess>Admin Resources>Organization Hierarchy or contact your area's Human Resources Officer.
Use the letter code only; do not use names.