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The Purposeful University

After celebrating Stanford’s 125 years of innovation in education and research, now is the time to ask what new challenges and opportunities lie before us in the years ahead. Working together to develop a bold vision for Stanford’s future, guided by our purpose and courage, our potential is unlimited.


What we have heard so far


The ASGs’ next step is to prepare white papers discussing the themes for delivery to the Executive Cabinet at the end of October. The ASG members also will meet with the Board of Trustees members in October. The ASG co-chairs will continue to work with the Executive Cabinet as it takes on review of the ideas in November.  The white papers will be made available to the Stanford community in Winter Quarter.


Phase 1: Call for Ideas & proposals APRIL-JUNE; Phase 2: Area Steering Group JULY-OCTOBER; Phase 3: Synthesis by EC NOVEMBER-FEBRUARY

Thank you to all members of the community who submitted ideas!

31.9% Staff; 27.6 Faculty; 27.3%Students; 8.7%Academic Staff; 4.5% PostDocs

LRP Bar chart

…live such lives that it will be said of you that you are true to the best you know. I hope your lives will be truly earnest, not in the sense of going forth to acquire great wealth and great names; but to be conscientious workers, to be helpful to others, to send cheer and goodwill to those who need lifting up…
Jane Stanford