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SLAC Staff and Faculty Memorials and Tributes

Hugh Steckol 
memorial magnolia 
(Halbo-4) Panofsky Grove stone 
and marker 
(Halbo-1) Joe Ballam 
memorial tree (Halbo-12)

Throughout its history, the staff, faculty and site office personnel at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have chosen to honor co-workers with a variety of lasting tributes and memorials. In some instances, former staff or their families have presented one of these landscaping tributes to SLAC. The list below provides the names of those who have given or received tributes or memorials, and the accompanying pdf map shows the tribute or memorial locations on the SLAC site.


Due to ongoing construction, the locations of some trees are currently out-of-date. When current construction projects are completed and the lab landscaping has been restored, this page and the related map will be updated.

The SLAC Archives and History Office is indebted to Finn Halbo, who compiled all of the information on memorials and tributes made from 1962 through 2000.



William Ash, SLC Physicist Deodar cedar tree (Cedrus deodara),Valley Oaks (Quercus lobata), rock, gravel garden and plaque.
Citation: "In Memoriam, William Wesley Ash, 1941-1994, Insightful Physicist and Gifted Writer, Outrageous Wit and Humorist, Kind, Courageous Colleage and Friend, He Enriched Us All"
Location: beside Loop Road.
Robert Baker, Experimental Facilities Department, Electrical and Electronics Installation Supervisor Dawn Redwood tree (Metasequoia glyptostroboides).
Citation: "In memory of Robert "Bob" Baker, 1924-1994, Staff Associate"
Locaton: on Building 43 front lawn.
Joseph Ballam, Associate Director, Research Division Live Oak tree (Quercus virginiana) and plaque.
Citation:"Joe Ballam, Wise counselor, First Leader of the Research Divsion, 1917-1997"
Location: behind Cafeteria Bldg. 42.
Ken Copenhagen Tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) and plaque.
Tree planted in Ken's honor when he left SLAC in 1965. (Plaque missing 7/2009)
Location: on Bldg. 43 front lawn.
Norman Dean, Vacuum Department Live Oak tree (Quercus virginiana) and plaque. (Plaque missing 7/2009)
Citation: "In Memory Of Norman R. Dean 1938-1992 Who Dedicated His Life to The Success of SLAC"
Location: behind Cafeteria Bldg. 42.
Deborah Dixon, Research Division Crabapple tree (Malus)and plaque, dedicated March 19, 1997.
Citation: "Smiling Eyes, Deborah C. Dixon, Served SLAC 1969-1996"
Location: between two wings of Bldg. 40.
John Ehrman, Research Division, SLAC Computing Services Memory Tree.
Artificial tree constructed of computer components and miscellanea and dedicated to John on the occasion of his retirement in 1983.
Location: In storage in the SLAC Archives and History Office.
Arnold Eldredge, Technical Division, Mechanical Design and Fabrication Administrator Sculpture with plaque.
Citation: "This Conformation of "S Band" Waveguide was designed by Professor Lorenz Eitner and Mr. Arnold Eldredge for an exhibit of Accelerator Components shown at the Stanford Museum from February to April 1966. Over 40,000 feet of this Waveguide is installed in the Stanford Two-mile Accelerator."
Location: near entrance to Visitors' Center.
Gerhard FischerLive Oak tree (Quercus virginiana) and plaque
Citation: "In Memory Of GERHARD F. Fischer and His Many Contributions to SLAC, 1993"
Location: by Cafeteria parking lot.
Boynton S. Kaiser, Associate Director, Administrative Services Divsion Tree and plaque
Citation: "Dawn Redwood, Metasequoia Glyptostroboides donated by Boynton S. Kaiser, 1965"
Location: on lawn at East end of Bldg. 44.
Newman Kidd, Research Division Valley Oak tree (Quercus lobata)and plaque
Citation: "In memory of Newman 1922 - Kidd - 1982, "P.O.N." (Poor Old Newman)"
Location: between Bldg.s 23 and 40.
William Kirk, Director's Office Coast Redwood tree (Sequoia sempervirens, var. Aptos blue) and plaque.
Citation: "In Memoriam, Bill Kirk, Gentleman, Writer and Friend 1927-2003."
Tree planted by friends to honor his thirty-six years of service to the laboratory on the occasion of his retirement in February 1993.
Location: across from Bldg. 84 front entrance.
Frankie McLaughlin, Research Division Crabapple tree (Malus) and plaque
Citation: "Forever a Friend, Frankie McLaughlin, Served SLAC 1963-1998"
Location: between two wings of Bldg. 40.
Frank Menezes, Purchasing Department Tree rose, bush and stone
(Plaque in process of being refurbished)
Location: at Bldg. 81 entrance.
Lawrence G. Mohr, US Atomic Energy Commission Site Representative Three trees and a plaque
Citation: "Flowering crabapple, Malus Adstringens Hopa, Donated by Lawrence G. Mohr 1968"
Location: beside Bldg. 40 east-side patio.
Robert Mozley, Research Division Group D Leader Stone bench
Citation: "Robert F. Mozley, 1917-1999"
Location: across from Panofsky Grove on the green.
Joseph Murray, Senior Physicist, Experimental Facilities Department Hawthorn tree (Crataegus phaenopyrum) and plaque
Citation: "In Memory of Joseph J. Murray 1924-1996, SLAC Physicist."
Location: on the green.  (Note: tree replaced 9/2010)
W. K. H. "Pief" Panofsky, Director Grove of redwood trees (Sequoia sempervirens), stone with plaque
Citation: "PANOFSKY - GROVE, In Appreciation of PIEF from the people of SLAC, Wolfgang Panofsky, SLAC Director."
Dedicated in 1984
Location: beside Bldg. 51.
F. V. L. Pindar, Associate Director, Business Services Division Tree and plaque
Citation: "Liquid Ambar (Liquidambar Styraciflua). This tree is dedicated to F.V.L. Pindar, Stanford University, September 30, 1977. "If you speak in season bringing together concisely the thrust of many matters, less impeachment of men will follow." Pindar 522-443 BC, Pythian Odes no. 8" Location: on the green.
Katherine E. Pope, SLAC Intern, Smith College studentValley Oak tree (Quercus lobata), plaque and Katherine E. Pope Summer Fellowship
Citation: " In Memory of KATHERINE POPE Student and Friend 1981 - 2001."
Location: behind Cafeteria Bldg. 42.
James Scott, ES&H Division Live Oak tree (Quercus virginiana) and plaque
Citation: "In Memory of James T. Scott, 1949-1998, SLAC Fire Marshal"
Location: behind Cafeteria Bldg. 42.
Robert Siemann, Professor, Accelerator Physicist Redwood tree and plaque, dedicated July 8, 2009.
Citation: "In memory of Robert H. Siemann, Pioneering accelerator physicist, respected leader and mentor, 1942-2008"
Location: on the green.
Hugh Steckol, Assistant Business Services Director Magnolia tree (Magnolia soulangiana) and plaque
Citation: "In Recognition of the Many Contributions to SLAC and the University, HUGH STECKOL, May 1993"
Location: between Bldg. 84 and the Loop Road.
Tim Toohig, Accelerator PhysicistTree and plaque
(tree gone 7/2009)
Citation: "In Memory of Timothy E. Toohig 1928-2001, Physicist - Friend - Spiritual Guide."
Location: behind Cafeteria Bldg. 42.
James Weaver, Microwave EngineerElm tree (Ulmus)and plaque
Citation:"James N. Weaver, Microwave Engineer, 1936-1998"
Location: on a grassy island in Parking Lot F, across from Bldg. 137.
Rick Yeager, Safeguards and Security Manager Coastal Oak tree (Quercus)and plaque(Tree replaced 9/2010)
Citation: "In remembrance of our dear friend and colleague Richard P. Yeager "Rick" Thanks Chief for 14 years of dedicated service, November 2006"
Location: Linac Sector 6 picnic area.
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